Sweet Devotion Cross Necklace - 2 Inches

Sweet Devotion Cross Necklace - 2 Inches


Devotion is ardent, often selfless affection and dedication. These principles are embodied in the Sweet Devotion Cross Necklace. Stylish, trendy and laced with XX gemstones using Wonder Setting patented technology, this necklace features a design that is as unique as it is eye-catching.
Standout from the crowd and show them the true definition of sweet devotion (and look good while you’re doing it). Comes in 14K Gold / 14K Rose Gold / Platinum / Silver / Ruthenium along with a chain of the same color and various stone colors for you to choose from.
Whether you’re looking for a new cross pendant to add to your collection or a gift for someone special, this piece is sure to please.

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